2014 Game 3 Highlights


AYCO Ins. Tigers defeated The PBA 130 Sharks 42-28. Jacob Vega, Will Davidge & Carmine Carusone all scored TD’s for the tigers. Jack Crotty lead the Sharks with four scores.

PBA 130 Raiders up ended the AYCO Ins. Broncos 28-14. Dylan Powers had 3 TD’s & Lekh Connor added one .  Victor & Emily Shen each had TD’s for the Broncos .


Majeski Foundation raised their record to 3-0 with a hard fought win over AIG Ins. (2-1) 12-7.  Jason Singer scored one Td and led the team on defense.  Charlie Hogshire had the Game winning TD.  Will Brandt scored on a run from 50 yards out and Travis Petrone kept AIG in it with some great flag grabbing on defense.

Gratalia Hospitality (1-2) earned their first victory 26-6, over Pure Ins. (0-3).   Jack Davidge ran and threw for a TD, Michio Patafio and Sebastian Alizio also scored TD’s. Drew Pianca played great defense for Pure and AJ Surace ran for a long score.


The Firemen’s Fund (1-3) lost both ends of their DH, but worked out four different QB’s and put 46 points on the scoreboard. John Reardon had his first TD & Dhruv Indelicato contributed as well.

Petrone Associates (2-2) defeated the Fireman 32-19. Max Coupe had two TD’s and James Petrone had the game winning interception.  Nick Thomas sealed the victory for the Cowboys with a final touchdown.

The Majeski Foundation Giants (2-1) out scored The Firemen’s Fund 38-27.  The O-line of Caleb Kirby, Leo Panzica, Moses Santizo, Carl Birge paved the way, while Matt Singer & matt Perrello handled the scoring.

The Bai Brand Jets (3-1) defeated Teresa Caffe (1-2), 20-14. Malachi & Khalil Benjamin each scored a TD as did Ben Quinones but it was Ben’s two interceptions down the stretch that sealed the victory for bai brands. Anthony Momo & Marshal Borham kept the Ravens in it till the end.

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