2014 Championship Games

Seniors GreenIn the senior division it was The Bai Brand Jets day, as they dominated the Majeski Foundation Giants on both sides of the ball. Jack Weiss stole the show with two TD passes to the always dynamic Malachi Benjamin. Weiss also ran for two scores. The jets defense smothered the Giants offensive front and forced several turnovers in the game. The Giants put up a valiant effort. Matt Perrello had 3 TD’s while Caleb Kirby, Leo Panzica, and Nevin Motto made some great tackles on defense. They were no match for the Bai Brands prolific offense as the Jets rolled to a 33-25 victory.

AIG BlueIn the Junior division game The AIG Insurance Cowboys jumped out to an early 13-0 lead as Will Brandt and Matthew Land each ran one in. In the second half Gretalia Hospitality came storming back as Rohan Sheth connected twice to Adam Kennedy to bring the Vikings up 13-12. On offense they had Rohan Sheth, Jack Wargo, Mike Craig, Jack Davidge and Adam Kennedy. On defense Sebastian Alizio was the team’s most effective extra point converter. James Kennedy, Sebastian Alizio, Samuel Lee, Michio Patio and Ben Walden anchored the defensive line wreaking havoc for opposing quarterbacks. In the end it was Will Brandt passing to Matthew Land for the final score as AIG Insurance held on to the Championship 19-12.

The PJFL Banquet will be held on Wednesday, December 17th in the PHS cafeteria, dinner will be served at 6pm.

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