2014 Game 5 Highlights


14-7 AYCO Tigers over the PBA 130 Sharks, Justin Feder & Victor Chen had tds for the tigers. For the Sharks it was  Jack Crotty. The AYCO Broncos won 21-14. Gavin Craig, Hassen Sekesky, and Reed Sacks scored for the Broncos. While Dylan Powers and Kirthi Suryanarayan scored for the PBA 130 Raiders.


The AIG Cowboys rolled over Gretalia Hospitality 35 – 7. Jake Angelucci had a TD reception, Will Brandt ran for 2 TD’s   Matthew Land & Ryan Friedman each had a TD run. For the Vikings it was Michio Patafio TD, Sebastian Alizio with strong D-line play.

The Majeski Foundation Cardinals moved to 5-0 by defeating Pure Insurance 13-7.  Max Majeski, Arthur Lee, Jason Singer & Johnny Feldman played strong for the big Red.  The Eagles lone score was powered in by AJ Surace.


Petrone Associates finished the season at 4-2 with a 31-18 victory over Teresa Café.  James Petrone had two rushing tds,  Pascal Cekic and Ben Moyer each caught one. Evan Angelucci sealed the win with an interception for a score. The Ravens 2-4 battled till the end as Jake Renda provided two scores and Alex Pulcice connected with Steve DiDonnato for a TD. Akshay Bhamidipati had some nice defensive stops for the Ravens.

Bai Brands finished the regular season at 4-2 with a win over The Majeski Foundation 20-19. Jack Weiss threw 2 TD’s to Ben Quinones and Mark Sarachman & Malachi Benjamin ran for a TD. Jack Osborne did a great Job as the center on the O-line. For Majeski’s (3-3) Matt Perrello had two scores & Nevin Motto had one.

In their second contest The Majeski Giants earned a victory and a spot in the playoffs by defeating The Firemen fund Falcons (2-4) 37-20.  Theo steiger, Tanish Tatrakal & Matthew Singer provided strong play for The Giants.  For the Falcons it was  Moose Zaman, Will Doran, Quinn Ramsay that handled the scoring. Evan Bell played strong for the Fireman.

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