2014 Championships


The Bai Brand Jets won the Championship beating Majeski Foundation Giants 33-25. QB Jack Weiss lead the team’s high-scoring offense. Jonathan Famous backed up Weiss @ QB. Mark Sarachman was the most improved offensive player, also making critical defensive stops. Ben Quinones and Malachi Benjamin became the team’s dynamic offensive playmakers. Sanjay Suryanarayan starred as primary running back contributing extra points. Mike Wargo, Jack Osborne and Pierre Maman anchored the offensive line. On defense, Jensen Bergman, Jake Denny, Khalil Benjamin, Malachi Benjamin, Ben Quinones and Mark Sarachman, came together to win the championship.


The AIG Cowboys won the Championship in a nail biter over Gretalia Hospitality Vikings 19-12. The combination of Matthew Land to Will Brandt proved to be overwhelming as they combined for all of the Cowboys touchdowns. Julian Perello played well as QB, Running Back and Defense. Nick Zahn, Eoin Graham and Travis Petrone played well on offense as well. Jake Angelucci had great hands on defense. Brian Tobin had great runs, excelling on offensive line. Ryan Friedman had an intense defensive focus and Corey Woodson opened holes on offense, providing running lanes.

Gretalia Hospitality Vikings won 2 of their last 3 games advancing to the championship game. On offense, Rohan Sheth, Jack Wargo, Mike Craig, Jack Davidge and Adam Kennedy. On defense Sebastian Alizio was the team’s most effective extra point converter. James Kennedy, Sebastian Alizio, Samuel Lee, Michio Patio, Ben Walden and Pasquale Carusone anchored the defensive line wreaking havoc for opposing quarterbacks.

Majeski Foundation Cardinals were 5 and 1 in the regular season with Henry Doran, Kian Bragg, Jason Singer, George Sullivan, Caroline Borham, Sean Leibowitz and Arthur Lee anchored on Offense. On defense, Charlie Hogshire was leader in sacks, Max Majeski was a stellar free safety and Johnny Feldman played a quick defensive end spot.

Pure Insurance Eagles had a fun season. Patrick Suryanarayan and AJ Surface scored numerous TD’s. Gabriel Jacknow proved to be an all-around offensive star. Cole Bloch, Rocco Relstab was strong on defense. Conan Ward covered his team. Drew Pianka was a strong cornerback. Henri Maman was superior as WR. Alex Winters was a defensive wiz. Remy Granozio was tremendously versatile. Anna Suryanarayan had a consistent line play. Philip Burgess had great speed scoring an extra point in a close game.

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