2017 Week 4 Game Highlights


Thursday, October 12th

Ironshore Giants defeated the Teresa Caffe Jets 14-7 with passing touchdowns to Marty Brophy and Thomas Poljevka and a safety by Julian Laio.

Sunday, October 15th

The Majeski Falcons had touchdowns by Gabe Majeski, Max Blecher, Will Morgan, Jeremy Sallade and Richard Jean-Pierre in the win over the Ironshore Giants 25-19.

Ironshore highlights included a kick returned for a touchdown by Henri Maman while Marty Brophy and Nico Cucchi caught touchdown passes.

The AIG Lions offense was led by Peter Knigge who passed for 3 TDs and scored 3 more in the 60 to 27 victory over the Small World Coffee Steelers. Basil Rieger scored 2 touchdowns and Jack Godfrey passed for 2 touchdowns. For the Steelers, Rohan Sheth, Nate March and Patrick Suryanarayan scored touchdowns. Sammy Lee added a 2 point conversion.

Teresa Caffe Jets won against the Trattoria Saints 36-13. Jack Davidge caught 2 touchdown passes while Oliver Smith, Jaxon Petrone, Derrick Choe, and Jihad Wilder also scored touchdowns in the win. For the Trattoria Saints, Ryan Cruser had 2 receiving touchdowns off passes from Ben Walden and Seth Liebowitz.


Thursday, October 12th

Aiden Ur scored on a QB bootleg for the Chubb Insurance Bills to break the defensive stalemate over the Graylyn Design Saints, 6-0.

Sunday, October 15th

Scores by Lila Casto, Harvey Smith, Corey Woodson, Jacob Reese, and two by Johny Feldman, lead the Christine’s Hope Cardinals passed the Pure Insurance Steelers, 40-35. For the Steelers, it was QB Travis Petrone once again leading the way with 3 passing touchdowns, 2 rushing touchdowns, and a diving interception.  Braden Barlag hauled in two touchdown passes and Hayden Kostopolis caught one touchdown pass. Colton Monica, Nolan Maurer, and Eli Salganik all played key roles in their teams’ success.

The Chubb Insurance Bills came away with the victory 25-13 over the Bai Broncos.  For the Broncos, Joe Poller threw two TDs, one to Peter Niforatos and another to Jackson Siano.  On the defensive side Kirthi Suryanarayan had a key interception.

The Graylyn Design Eagles touchdown scores by Merritt Long and Roderik Dugan were not enough to overcome the Graylyn Design Saints victory 18-12. Fletcher Harrison and Matthew Brophy contributed with long receptions on offense and Kobe Smith, Sam Brown and Max Caruso were strong on defense. Ian Thayer, Drew Falcone, and Micah Brox off a Luke Haan pass, scored for the Saints.

Leo Sarett, Gabriel Vermut and Ria Sheth lead the Saints defense.


The AYCO Crushers had two touchdowns by Ian Brito and one by Theo Mathewson in the win over the University Orthopaedic Associates Giants 21-14. George Rieger and Mason Merse each scored a touchdown for the Giants.

The University Orthopaedic Associates Broncos won against the AYCO Falcons 14-7. Chase Gallagher scored two touchdowns for the Broncos and Lucas Li scored one for the Falcons. Roy Bellace and Mateo Mawson played strong defense.


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