Game 1 Highlights

Senior Division (ages 10-13)
The bai brand “Jets” hammered the Petrone Associate “Cowboys” 35 to 7.
The Jets were led by Steve Hennessy, Jack Weiss and Max Coupe, they each scored TD’s. While the undersized Cowboys speedy Cole Garrow got into the end zone.

The Majeski Foundation Redskins beat PJ’s Pancake House Vikings 20-18. The Redskins were led by QB’s Alex Pulcine and Judd Petrone. The Vikings were lead by Matt Piccinini (2 TD’s) and Dylan Angelucci (1 TD).

Junior Division (ages 8 & 9)

The bai brand Eagles out scored The Petrone Associate “Giants” 38 to 35.
Nico Carusone led the way with 2 rushing touchdowns and a TD pass to James Petrone. Rohan Sheth sealed the win with a 4th quarter interception.The Giants were led with two touchdowns each from Will Doran and Jake Denny in the losing effort.

Bianco Landscaping, “Ravens” 14, Majeski Foundation “Cardinals” 13
The Ravens held on to beat the Cardinals 14-13. A strong effort by the defensive line with just seconds remaining prevented the Cards from getting the extra point. The Ravens were led by QB, Jaxon Petrone. Key receptions were made by Jensen Bergman and Brayden Golden. Nick Thomas led the Ravens strong defensive play. Peter Knigge and Mathew Singer scored TD’s for the Cardinals

Rookie league (6 & 7 year olds)
The Orange PBA 130 “Bronco’s & The Black Pj’s Pancake House “Raiders” blurred together beautifully yesterday like the stripes of the Princeton Tiger, as the Rookies displayed a masterful creation of poetic confusion & exhaustive chaos. The final score was 174.5 to 174 & 5/8th’s, but Coach Morey lost count & couldn’t determine which group of gridiron faithful’s would claim victory?!

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