Game 2 Highlights

Rookie Division
The day was kicked off with the 6 and 7 year old Rookie Division- Orange PBA 130 vs Black Pj’s Pancake house. There are 34 of these young boys and girls and they put in every once of effort they had this week and streaked up and down the field to put up over 100 points scored in the the two games played. They are off to a great start at earning their tiger stripes!

Junior Division
The Petrone Associate Giants earned their first victory of the year as they prevailed over the Majeski Foundation Cardinals 33-20. The Giants were led by Will Doran, Jake Denny and Myles Ryan. For the Patriots, strong effort was put forth by Matthew Singer and Will Brandt.

The Bianco Landscaping Ravens moved their record to 2-0 with a 19-8 victory over the bai brand Eagles. Speedy Jensen Bergman gets deep and Jaxon Petrone delivers the long ball. Nick Thomas and Jack Godfrey did nice work on the defensive side. For The Eagles, it was Jose Moralez with the lone touchdown.

Senior Division
The Majeski Foundation Redskins won their second game of the season 27-13. They were led by Judd Petrone’s two touchdown passes and Jake Renda’s two scores as they were victorious over The Petrone Associate cowboys. For the Cowboys it was Adam Rothstein and Cole Garrow with touchdowns. Michael Spadea lead the defensive pressure for the Blue team.

The bai brand Jets defeated Bianco’s Vikings 24-12. Stevie Henessey scored on a shifty run to start things off for the Jets and they never looked back.
For the Vikings: Evan Angelucci returned a kick-off for a TD and Drew Friedman threw a TD pass to Ryan Bowen.

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