Game 3 Highlights

Pj’s Pancake House flattened PBA 130, 76-49. Stephen Dubin, Rocco Relstab and Carmine Carusone played well for Pj’s Raiders. PBA Broncos were led by Remmick Granozio, George Sullivan and Daniel Etra.

Bianco Landscaping improved their record to 3-0, by defeating Petrone Associates (1-2) 25-21. Petrones was stopped on fourth and goal late in the game to seal the victory. Bianco’s Ravens were led offensively by Andrew Stournaras and Matthew Land. Drew Petrone led the Giants with two touchdowns.

Bai brand improved to 2-1, with a lopsided 26-7 victory over The Majeski’s Foundation (0-3). James Petrone led the bai Eagles with 3 scores and Ryan Cruser had 3 interceptions. Gabe Majeski recorded three picks and Will Brandt sped down the sideline for the Cardinals lone score.

Petrone Associates (1-2) won their first game defeating Bianco Landscaping (0-3) 25-22. For the Cowboys, Caleb Dubow, Adam Rothstein and Cole Garrow scored touchdowns. Mustafa Zaman’s key interception led to the game winning score. Drew Friedman had a score for the Vikings.

Bia brands improved to 3-0 with another big victory 38-27 over The Majeski’s Foundation (2-1). Ethan Josephson and Chris Javier-Rosario each had sack’s, while Akira Patafio and Ben Moyer also played great defense registering many tackles and passes defended. Erik Malichek had an offensive touchdown and an interception. Jake Renda had a touchdown for the Redskins.

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