Inaugural Game

PJFL kicked off its inaugural season at Barbara Smoyer park in grand form on September 30th. The American flag waved proud as the approximately, 200 people in attendance stood tall and opened the festivities with the Star Spangled Banner on a beautiful fall day.

In the early game, The Golden Jersey Majeski Foundation, “Steelers” out lasted the Big Blue, Petrone Associates, “Giants” 34 – 25.  Jaxon Petrone led  The Majeski Foundation with 3 scores. Nico Carusone and Andrew Stournaras also had Touchdowns for the Steelers. Petrone Associates was led by Dylan Angelucci’s 3 TDs and James Petrone added another with a long run.

The late game pitted the Red, bai brand, “Patriots” against the Lite Blue, Majeski Foundation, “Panthers”.  Bai brands won the game 25 – 24.  Evan Angelucci led the way for bai, with two passes and a catch for three scores.  Jack Weiss also threw a TD pass to Kyle Angelucci and Judd Petrone caught a touchdown pass.  Nick Trenholm scored a TD and sealed the game with a late interception. For the Majeski Foundation, Robby Marsh scored the initial points with a long reception from Steve Hennessy. Steve also completed a TD to Adam Rothstein. Max Schofield had a big interception to take the lead at halftime. Tommy Delaney threw a TD pass to Ben Petrone to finish out the scoring on the day.

These teams will battle again on the Princeton High School “Turf field”, on Sunday, Octber 7th, at 12:30 and 2:00pm.

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