Week 5


Black Swarm 28-Black Jaguars 21
Touchdowns by Ryan Von Roemer, Carter Price, and two by Gus Shapiro lead the University Orthopaedics Black Swarm past the University Orthopaedics Black Jaguars.  John Monica, Harvey Smith, and Ezra Lerman had touchdowns for the Black Jaguars.

Tigers 28-GoPros 21
The Christine’s Hope Tigers won 28-21 against the University Orthopaedics GoPros.  Sean Devlin and Michah Brox each scored one touchdown and  Rowan Connor had two touchdowns for the Christine’s Hope Tigers.   Courtney Whitest had two touchdowns, Jake Winn had one touchdown, and a solid defense by Max Prenner but wasn’t enough for the GoPros.

Christine’s Hope 7Christine’s Hope Wizards 0
Shane Mayer scored the lone touchdown for the Christine Hope Tigers for the win against the Christine’s Hope Wizards.

 Correction: Will Bednar scored three touchdowns for the Christine’s Hope Tigers in last weeks game.

Junior Division:

Princeton PBA 130 Hawkeyes 32 Graylyn Design Fighting Irish 17

Hawkeye Jonny Feldman opened the first offensive series with a long TD run of 60 yards.  Travis Petrone ran sideline-to-sideline and spun free for 1 of 2 TD runs.  James Tziaris-Over scored on a pass from Thomas Poljevka.  Marvin Whitest had a 30 yard catch and tiptoed down the sideline for a first down, the drive was capped off by Phineas Chuo weaving through the defense for a rushing TD.  Corey Woodson had 2 interceptions and Marvin Whitest had 1.  The offense was anchored by the leadership and blocking of linemen Constantine Parsenios and Mason Meyerson.  The Irish’s George Sullivan connected on a long pass to Henry Doran who then ran it in on the next play.  George Sullivan got the PAT and then connected on a deep touchdown pass to Henry Doran. Irish Sam Lee ran in the extra point.

The Naragansett Bay Spartans 6 – AYCO Ducks 6 (TIE)

The matchup between the Spartans and the Ducks ended in a tie.  Jake Angelucci scored for the Ducks with a QB sweep.  Christian Paul connected with Ellington Hinds for a TD pass.  The Ducks had many interceptions by;  JP Claffey, Jake Angelucci, Will Morgan.  And for the Spartans Teddy Klepacki.   This was a defensive struggle with several interceptions and awesome tackles.  Archie Smith led the Ducks defense, which had great blocking from Philip Burgess.  Hayden Kostopolis and Kirthi Suryanarayan had terrific catches for the Spartans.  The game ended with the Ducks being stopped on the Spartans 1 yard line.

AIG Tarheels 26 Trattoria Procaccini Bulldogs 0

The AIG Tar Heels scored 4 touchdowns keyed off by 4 interceptions between lock down corners Isaiah Potocny and Brooks Cahill-Sanidas.  Connor Hewitt scored 2 TDs on offense.  Max Majeski played great defense at linebacker and corner back and had several good runs as running back.  Jack and Henry Crotty also had some long runs up the side line and played well at QB.  Rafael Frase played a solid linebacker and put a lot of pressure on the other team’s quarterbacks.  Justin Feder and Max Decker played solid at running back as well and had key flag-tackles on defense. Several of the players had solid run blocks. The Trattoria Procaccini Bulldogs Sebastian Alizio and Charlie Hogshire both had interceptions but the team wasn’t able to convert.

Senior Division

The Majeski Foundation Texans outlasted the Pure Insurance Panthers (38-32). Jaxon Petrone threw for 5 touchdown passes and secured the victory with a big pick six as time ran out for the Panthers. Gabe Majeski and Marty Brophy caught two each and Evan Bell added another. For the Panthers it was Jake Renda and Nico Cucchi with two touchdowns each, while Jake Renda and Jake Richter each added another.

 The Teresa Caffe Steelers beat the Chubb Insurance Saints (19-18) in a game that came down to the final play. Julian Liao led the Steelers, passing 1 touchdown to Anthony Momo and 1 extra point to Carl Birge. Michio Patafio had 2 running touchdowns and Liam Tobin did a great job on both offense and defense. David Shaw had an interception in the end zone to end the game. For the Saints, Jack Godfrey connected with Peter Knigge for the games first touchdown. Peter Hare scored on a kick-off return and touchdown pass to Zander DeLuca. Pierre Maman had a great game on defense despite playing with an injured foot.

 The Bai Jets won a tight contest over the Petrone Associate Seahawks (30-12). The Jets had 4 rushing touchdowns by Jeremy Sallade, Drew Pianka and two by Henri Maman. David Dorini also scored on a touchdown pass. For the Seahawks, Dylan Angelucci had a touchdown run and Ryan Cruser had a one handed pick six touchdown. Seth Liebowitz also had a great game and contributed on both offense and defense.

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